What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Identify What Is Important To You

By MG (Ret.) John Gronski

Recently I conducted a leadership seminar at a Sheriff’s Department in Florida.

Leadership Rule of Three

One of the exercises I conducted with the group focused on what I call the leadership rule of three which includes,

1) Character Matters

2) Placing Others First

3) Overcoming Adversity

The exercise involves the participants breaking into small groups and sharing stories about how in their experiences as a follower or a leader they have seen firsthand how these behaviors have made a positive difference in organizations.

The outcome of the seminar is having the group identify their non-negotiables for being an effective leader. At a recent seminar the non-negotiables the group identified were courage, support, integrity, serving others, and ethics.

These five non-negotiables are very important behaviors leaders must display to be effective. The group committed themselves to live by these non-negotiables.

Identify Your Non-Negotiables

You do not have to participate in a leadership seminar in order to identify your leadership behaviors which are non-negotiable no matter the situation. This is something I encourage leaders to do on their own.

The non-negotiables are similar to values. These are behaviors you must display. The success of your organization and your success as a person depends on it.

Do Not Delay

So if you have not thought long and hard about what your leadership non-negotiables are, do not delay. 

So let me ask you – What are your non-negotiables for being an effective leader?


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About John Gronski

Major General John L. Gronski (U.S. Army Retired) is the founder and CEO of Leader Grove LLC, a leadership consulting firm. John is the author of two books, Iron-Sharpened Leadership and The Ride of Our Lives and he is an international and Fortune 500 speaker.

A decorated combat Veteran, infantryman, and Ranger School graduate, John is a transformational leader and also has significant experience in business as a management consultant, where he led teams implementing large, complex projects. He now serves as an executive coach, leadership consultant, and trainer.

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