The Sniffspot

We must build resiliency. Resiliency does not just happen on its own. We must prepare for it. To build our resiliency we must work on our fitness. Of course, physical fitness is essential, but being fit mentally, emotionally, and spiritually also builds resiliency. That is where the “sniffspot” comes in.

“Sniffspot” has become a big thing for dogs. It is essentially a private dog park, provided by people willing to rent out their back yard for others to bring their dogs to sniff around in a place they have not been before.

According to my friend Abby Johnson, a renowned dog trainer, dogs are olfactory creatures. They make sense of the world around them through smell. She says that taking dogs to new places to sniff and smell different scents develops a dog emotionally and mentally.

This sounds like a great way to improve a dog’s emotional and mental fitness. This is great for humans too! No, not by literally sniffing but by trying new things and visiting new places.

Building Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Fitness

To build emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness, it is important to make a deliberate and conscious effort to get out of our comfort zone. We should focus on three “comfort zones” to “get out of” to develop resiliency. Think of this as your sniffspot.

If you generally go south on vacation, try going north. If you normally go to the beach then go to the mountains for a change. If you normally go to an Italian restaurant, then perhaps try Greek or Indian food. When we experience new things our mind begins to generate new ideas.

We all have networks and we have probably grown very comfortable with the people we normally associate with. They are probably like us in many ways and when we are with those people our stress level is down. Change it up a bit. Sometimes stress is a good thing. Go out of your way to meet new people, especially people who are different from you and who have different world views.  This is another great way to break the mold you are used to fitting into and build your mind, spirit, and overall resiliency.

Many of us get comfortable with reading certain things. If the newspaper you turn to is the New York Times it may be a good idea to read the Wall Street Journal from time to time. If you enjoy fiction you may want to pick up a biography or a history book and vice versa. Go to a new sniffspot and strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

By changing things up we develop a sense of awareness that may have become dormant. We open our eyes to other possibilities. Ideas begin to surface.

Working Our Muscles

The point of all of this is to change up the places you go, the people you associate with, and the things you read, so you can figuratively sniff new smells. This is the way you work your emotional and mental muscles which will make you a more resilient person.

So take a lesson from our canine friends. Find a new sniffspot and keep learning and growing.

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