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Coaching. Assessments. Speaking.

John provides world-class seminars and training to private and public organizations. He coaches management teams and executives to grow better leaders across the United States.

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John Gronski provides speaking engagements for small and large groups and keynotes.

Training & Seminars

Leadership training and seminars to uplevel your organization.


How are you as a leader? How is your team? Let’s find out together.


John coaches executives and management teams to achieve their potential. 

John provides dynamic

Virtual Talks

John presents his keystone seminars and speaks virtually.

John speaks to leadership teams, companies, and schools through web-conferencing tools to ensure everyone remains engaged, focused, and motivated.

If your organization needs a boost, don’t let travel or venue keep it from happening. Book John.

Listen to a Virtual Leadership Presentation John delivered to the Army Heritage Center Foundation.

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Listen to a Virtual Leadership Presentation John delivered to YMCA Camp Woodstock

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John speaks at the University of Scranton ROTC Virtual Commissioning Ceremony.

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John delivers a leadership presentation to 40PLus Washington area.

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John is a highly sought after speaker

Keynote Speaker

Keynote speeches range in time from 20 to 40 minutes with Q and A afterward.

Topics include:

Lessons on Life and Leadership from his book “The Ride of Our Lives.”

The Iron-Sharpened Leader

Muddy Boots Leadership

The Resilient Leader


Leadership Training & Seminars

Leadership seminars and training are available and could be customized to meet the needs of the client. Executive coaching and coaching for mid-level managers could be provided as part of the service offering.

Leadership Training & Seminars include:

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Critical Thinking

Leadership Rule of Three

Leading Up

Conflict Management / Team Dynamics

Having Difficult Conversations

Goal Setting

Leading Change

Cultivating Trust

The Resilient Leader

Leading With Emotion Intelligence

Wondering how your team is doing? Find out.

Leadership Assessments

Assessments are a great way to have a neutral professional help you see your organization, see yourself, learn, and grow.

Leader Grove, LLC will conduct a leadership assessment on site. The assessment is scalable and could include a customized survey, meetings, and interviews with key leaders, a site survey, and focus groups with employees. Leader Grove will provide a formal report with observations and recommendations following the assessment.

 John Gronski is a certified DISC and EIQ-2  practitioner. Contact John about having leaders within your organization take the DISC assessment and EIQ-2 assessment.

Our DISC online assessment is an invaluable behavior profiling system that teaches users how to identify— and use to their advantage— the predictable aspects of communication. Based on the research of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by decades of research and validation. DISC will assist with leadership development, communication, team building, and sales.

The EIQ-2 assessment will help to improve one’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence competency has a direct impact on improving one’s leadership ability, customer service, and team dynamics.


Executive & Management Coaching

John Gronski will provide executive and mid-level management coaching. The coaching is personalized will include face to face and internet-based engagements.

The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives is a true story of John Gronski’s bicycle ride across the United States with his wife, Berti, and fifteen-month-old son, Stephen.

In the 3-month adventure the Gronski family experience trials, triumphs, and learning lessons. 

They discovered incredible people from Tacoma Washington to Scranton Pennsylvania. 

They faced wind, rain, traffic, and an angry bull. 

They never gave up. The book is a powerful reminder that neither should you. 

Iron Sharpened Leadership Cover

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Iron-Sharpened Leadership is a leadership book the reader will find valuable and inspiring.

This leadership book is based on operational experience and is peppered with inspirational stories along with actions one can take to become a more effective leader. Gronski takes a values-based approach to leadership effectiveness and the book is oriented along the lines of his leadership philosophy which includes character, competence, and resilience.

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