In early August 2023, I had the opportunity to conduct a leadership workshop last week for the senior leadership team of JGM, a fabrication and construction company near Philadelphia, PA.

I was impressed by the incredibly bright, engaged, and employee and customer-focused mindset of the JGM leadership team.

We discussed the “Big Rocks” senior leaders should focus on including:
1. Communicate a shared vision and purpose.
2. Make a few big decisions and empower junior leaders to make the others.
3. Focus on developing future leaders. That is a key responsibility of any leader and paves the way to a bright future for the enterprise.
4. Drive change. Leaders must be forward-thinking and identify future opportunities within every challenge.

It was also good to see the emphasis JGM places on its core values and how they factor their core values into the business decisions they make.

To schedule a leadership workshop businesses should contact John Gronski at John@JohnGronski.com or through the website https://johngronski.com/

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