John Gronski: Podcasts

Leadership Consultant. Author. Speaker.


John Gronski is regularly interviewed on a variety of podcasts on topics ranging from business to Veterans issues to leadership.

Jocko Podcast 235

Jocko Podcast 302

Veteran on the Move

The Green Castle Podcast

The Business Builders Show April 2020

The Unconventional Leaders Podcast

The Business Builders Show May 2020

Power of Investing in People Podcast May 2020

Real American Heroes Podcast May 2020

Military Veterans Dad Podcast May 2020

Jocko Podcast 235

Llama Lounge Offensive Mindset July 2020

Growth Now Podcast July 2020

Rounding the Bases Podcast AUG 2020

Legal Grounds Podcast SEP 2020

Spaniard Podcast SEP 2020

National Defense Radio SEP 2020

Bike Karma Podcast NOV 2020

03XX Podcast DEC 2020

Shadow Podcast JAN 2021

Leadership Development News FEB 2021

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Meet Your Army Podcast APR 2021

Deciding To Win Podcast May 2021

LLama Leadership Podcast JUN 2021

Rounding The Bases Podcast JUN 2021

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On The Range Podcast JUL 2021

Unconventional Leaders Podcast JUL 2021

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Unlocked with Skot Waldron AUG 2021

Real American Heroes Podcast AUG 2021

Military Veteran Dad Podcast SEP 2021

Jocko Podcast 302 OCT 2021

Safety Culture Podcast OCT 2021

A New Direction Podcast NOV 2021

The You Project Podcast NOV 2021

Build Your Success Podcast JAN 2022

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The Mojo Sessions Podcast JAN 2022

A New Direction Podcast MAR 2022

Pursuit of Manliness Podcast APR 2022

The Wartime Leadership Podcast MAY 2022

Team CTW Podcast June 2022

Building PA Podcast June 2022

Drive On Podcast July 2022

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Lift-Off Podcast NOV 2022

Tell Your Boss I Quit Podcast FEB 2023

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A New Direction Podcast OCT 2023

Wake Up With Edie Darling NOV 2023

The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives is a true story of John Gronski’s bicycle ride across the United States with his wife, Berti, and fifteen-month-old son, Stephen.

In the 3-month adventure the Gronski family experience trials, triumphs, and learning lessons. 

They discovered incredible people from Tacoma Washington to Scranton Pennsylvania. 

They faced wind, rain, traffic, and an angry bull. 

They never gave up. The book is a powerful reminder that neither should you.