John Gronski recently developed some great online leadership development courses and many people are already taking advantage of the learning opportunity.

John decided to price these courses at $39.99, not looking to make a huge profit on the courses. The intent is to assist as many leaders as possible, who want to improve, become better leaders. John did not want price to be an obstacle to aspiring or experienced leaders to take the leadership development courses he developed. We all must invest in ourselves and $39.99 is an investment most people could afford.

The courses available right now are three of the most important in terms of leadership development – Cultivating Trust, Conflict Management, and Introduction to Emotional Intelligence.

Following the course, there is a short quiz. Once 80% is scored on the quiz participants can then immediately download a certificate of completion for the course.

Here is the course link: https://store.leadergrove.com/

There is more information in the following video.

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