Comcast is a global Fortune 100 company that extends broadly and deeply into communications, news, and entertainment. It is also a company that cares very much about hiring military Veterans and ensuring the Veterans who are part of the Comcast family have a vibrant network to grow, learn, and work within.

John Gronski had the opportunity to speak to a large group of Comcast military Veterans and supporters at MilDev22 in Atlanta, Georgia in September 2022.

The topic of the presentation was Iron-Sharpened Leadership. John spoke about what it means to be a servant-leader and focused on his leadership philosophy of character, competence, and resilience.

The presentation was very interactive and the audience had the opportunity to discuss things like how they create an environment where those they lead feel empowered to display initiative and make decisions. 

The group also discussed best practices for developing resiliency in themselves and in the people they lead. Practices such as deliberately moving out of one’s comfort zone, practicing daily gratitude, and journal writing were discussed.

Following the presentation, John took the time to sign and personalize his book, “Iron-Sharpened Leadership” for those attending.

Order signed copies of John’s book by visiting his website, https://johngronski.com/. To have John Gronski speak at your organization’s event email John here – John@JohnGronski.com.

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