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The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives is a true story of John Gronski’s bicycle ride across the United States with his wife, Berti, and fifteen-month-old son, Stephen.

In the 3-month adventure the Gronski family experience trials, triumphs, and learning lessons. 

They discovered incredible people from Tacoma Washington to Scranton Pennsylvania. 

They faced wind, rain, traffic, and an angry bull. 

They never gave up. The book is a powerful reminder that neither should you. 

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The Ride of Our Lives Reviews

Today I read “The Ride of Our Lives” by Major General (Retired) John Gronski, former commander of the 28th Infantry Division.  I highly recommend it.

In this book, MG Gronski recounts a months-long bicycle trip he took with his wife and firstborn son Stephen in 1983, when Stephen was under two years old.  They cycled from Fort Lewis, Washington to General Gronski’s hometown in Pennsylvania after he left the regular Army and prepared to join his family’s business.

MG Gronski presents a compelling narrative full of interesting anecdotes.  He writes in clear, concise, declarative sentences, making the story easy to follow and comprehend.  The conclusion is solid — a recounting of the life lessons General Gronski and his family took from their bike trip.  The book isn’t very long — I completed the Kindle version from start to finish in one reading this morning.

“The Ride of Our Lives” is well worth checking out.

An entertaining & easy read

This book was a delight to read. There are life lessons scattered throughout the story that would benefit people of all ages. I highly recommended this book for anyone who wants to be entertained or needs a little nudge to try something new in life.

You won't be disappointed

A pleasant and delightful read that left me feeling all the emotions as this courageous couple ventured across the US. This book has a great story that is intertwined with life lessons for anyone, of any age or stage of life. A must read!

Positive, uplifting, inspiring.

An inspirational story full of timeless lessons. Decide to undertake your adventure! My favorite quote, “It’s people, not things, that nurture our souls”.

An Amazing Story!

What an amazing story! The adventure that John and Berti embarked on, and the challenges they needed to overcome will prevent you from being able to put this book down!

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

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Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Iron-Sharpened Leadership is a leadership book the reader will find valuable and inspiring.

This leadership book is based on operational experience and is peppered with inspirational stories along with actions one can take to become a more effective leader. Gronski takes a values-based approach to leadership effectiveness and the book is oriented along the lines of his leadership philosophy which includes character, competence, and resilience.

Iron Sharpened Leadership Cover

Iron-Sharpened Leadership Reviews

“Missing amongst the hordes of success-obsessed ‘rise-and-grind’ social media influencers are men of consequence—leaders who have not only succeeded at the highest levels, but done so when lives depended on it. Success for such men is not a status symbol, but a requirement. Major General John Gronski is such a man, and Leading With Success fills a considerable void in the self-help world because he understands that leadership is less about demanding respect and obedience than it is about displaying ultimate loyalty, camaraderie, and sacrifice.

By the end of his Army career, he had led thousands of men through perilous circumstances, and all those men had gladly walked into harm’s way because they believed in their leader. This book expertly distills the Major General’s extraordinary life experiences into usable lessons for people from all walks of life working in every industry. When you are finished translating the book’s lessons into action, you will be giving fewer orders; instead, you will have transformed your own leadership presence into one that inspires people to regularly go above and beyond what is expected.”

— Chef Robert Irvine, host of Restaurant: Impossible

An exceptional Leadership Book

When it comes to leadership, I can’t think of a better person to write a book than a United States Army Major General. I can only imagine the magnitude of situations where the application of Character, Competence and Resilience persevered. What is most engaging about this book is the cumulation of a life-long journey of experiences, challenges and accomplishments all wrapped into an exceptional book on leadership

Become a Leader

Not everyone is born a leader, but after reading this book you will be well prepared to lead your team into battle and succeed.

Well Worth Reading

John connects with people and provides valuable guidance that helps others not only to lead, but to live. He lays out a valuable template for any existing or aspiring leader – and this book is well-worth learning.

Life Changing

Anyone who desires to be a better leader will be sharpened by reading this book.