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John Gronski

Hello. I am Major General (Ret.) John L. Gronski. I am a leadership consultant, trainer, international speaker, executive coach, and author. My purpose is to develop character-based leaders.

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Growing Leaders

John Gronski

Major General John L. Gronski (U.S. Army, Retired) is a leadership consultant and trainer, an international speaker, executive coach, and author.

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John provides dynamic

Virtual Talks

John presents his leadership seminars and talks on-site and virtually based on client requests.

When asked to present virtually, John speaks to leadership teams, companies, military, law enforcement, and schools through web-conferencing tools to ensure people of all ages remain engaged, focused, and motivated during the presentation.

Book John now. Email John@JohnGronski.com

Listen to a Virtual Leadership Presentation John delivered to the Army Heritage Center Foundation on May 14, 2020

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Listen to a Virtual Leadership Presentation John delivered to YMCA Camp Woodstock Memorial Day Weekend 2020

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John speaks at the May 2020 University of Scranton ROTC Virtual Commissioning Ceremony.

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John delivers a leadership presentation to 40Plus Washington Area.

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John talks about conflict resolution and team dynamics in November 2021.

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The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives is a true story of John Gronski’s bicycle ride across the United States with his wife, Berti, and fifteen-month-old son, Stephen.

In the 3-month adventure the Gronski family experience trials, triumphs, and learning lessons.

They discovered incredible people from Tacoma Washington to Scranton Pennsylvania.

They faced fierce wind, rain, traffic, and an angry bull.

They never gave up. The book is a powerful reminder that neither should you.

Recommended by renowned business leader Robert Irvine. Read Chef Irvine’s endorsement here.

Iron Sharpened Leadership Cover

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Iron-Sharpened Leadership is a leadership book the reader will find valuable and inspiring.

This leadership book is based on operational experience and is peppered with inspirational stories along with actions one can take to become a more effective leader. Gronski takes a values-based approach to leadership effectiveness and the book is oriented along the lines of his leadership philosophy which includes character, competence, and resilience.

Read endorsements here.

About John Gronski

John is a proven combat leader with over forty years’ service in the United States Army including active duty and in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

John is a leadership and peak performance expert, a motivational storyteller, and a much sought-after speaker and leadership seminar leader.

John is a thoughtful leader and he has a reputation as a servant leader.

John Gronski’s Services

John provides world-class seminars and training to private and public organizations.

He coaches management teams and executives to grow better leaders across the United States.


John Gronski provides speaking engagements for small and large groups and keynotes.


Leadership training and seminars to uplevel your organization.


How are you as a leader? How is your team? Let’s find out together.


John coaches executives and management teams to achieve their potential. 


Very informative and interesting. The stories Mr. Gronski had were incredible and enlightening.

John’s story and enthusiastic portrayal is great. I recommend him to anyone.

General Gronski’s presentation skills are highly polished. This was fun!

 I thought his presentation is worthy of a second or third watching. M.P. AHEC Director

John’s commanding presence and knowledge of the subject matter coupled with real-life stories of leadership and character gave the presentation an authenticity that showed John’s experience as a high-ranking military officer and CEO. 

The leadership webinar conducted by Mr Gronski was superb, perhaps my favorite of all the AHEC webinars so far. He was informative and highly engaging, and I learned some really interesting lessons from his talk. And I also appreciate the fact that he answered my question personally via email. A huge credit to AHEC for organizing these webinars! They are a great way to fill time during this unusual period in the nation’s history.

R.N., Hummelstown, PA

You consummately engaged participants in activities by way of PPT and chat. Moreover, you conveyed a highly-effective message with confidence, competence, and clarity–which is indicative of your military background, leadership skills, and achievements.

I watched MG (R) John Gronski’s talk last week and found it very valuable for its leadership insights, made very practical and usable by leaders across the private, public, and civil-society sectors. For example, his definition of “Purpose” as not only the “what” but also the “why” in terms of motivating his Brigade team to defeat the insurgents in Ramadi, Iraq to protect our homeland made the idea of “Purpose” much clearer for me. 


John’s presentation and delivery kept our audience engaged and interested. His real-life stories solidify points that everyone can use in their own daily interactions at work and home. We thoroughly enjoyed having him as a speaker! R. W. Iron Mountain

Our Project Victory session with Gen. Gronski was inspiring and insightful. He offered leadership guidance drawing from his personal experience and made the conversation interactive by inviting our group to share their best practices as well.

M.S., Nutanix

It felt like my mentor was talking to me. It truly made a difference.

A.B., Nutanix

John Gronski’s leadership session was such an insightful and engaging one. Loved the way John asked introspective questions, and built upon the answers provided by the attendees. Looking forward to reading John’s book.

A.P., Nutanix

John Gronski on Twitter

John Gronski is a Proud Veteran

News & Resources

Iron-Sharpened Leadership

A leadership book the reader will find valuable and inspiring.

Leader Grove

John Gronski’s leadership company is Leader Grove, where leaders are developed. 

The Ride of Our Lives

A book of life and leadership from the true story of a 4,000 mile bicycle trip. 

John Gronski’s

Leadership Philosophy

Character. Competence. Resilience. 

I believe that it is people, not things, who nurture our souls.

I believe that the three most important elements of any leader are character, competence, and resilience.

And, I believe that the beauty of life lies in all that is possible.

Thank you for coming to my website. I look forward to exploring all of life’s possibilities with you. 


John Gronski

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